Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I was the MUA for a photoshoot!

Since makeup artists can get away with wearing any kind of makeup and all sorts of crazy things, I went for blue lips and red eye makeup!

And yes - i have a tutorial on the eyes.... It may or may not be posted as of when this post is posted. Hha that sounded complicated, but makes sense right?

For my blue lips I used makeup forever's flash palette!

And here's my sister and I after I did her first makeup look for the photoshoot!

And here I an doing another makeup look on my sister!

I did makeup on another model as well... but the photographer didn't take a picture of that. At that point, he was so busy shooting the models! But it's all good because their pictures came out beautiful!

I don't have a video with their picture... but some were posted on my Instagram: Linamariax3

And if you'd like to see my pictures from my photoshoot.. watch this video...
I have to say though, the makeup I did on the models was a lot better than my own!

Anyways, that is all... hope you all enjoyed this post and a sneak peek into my modeling/makeup artistry life!

xoxo, Lina

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