Friday, June 8, 2012

CRUMBS cupcakes!!!

So my friend and I met up at Crumbs to hang out.... and she had a cupcake waiting for me already!

This is the one my bestie got.... i don't know what flavor but I do know that it was very very sweet! Just like she is!

And I wanted the chocolate chip cookie dough, so that's what she bought for me!

I feel like these cupcakes are so much bigger than what I'm used to eating at Sprinkles! So much more decorative too! But all very delicious!!!

Have you guys noticed yet, that I LOVE LOVE LOVE cupcakes!? I feel like every other post, is me posting pictures of cupcakes haha!

Your cuppy-cake girl, 
xoxo, Lina


  1. Where did ur bestie get those scrumptious looking cupcakes ????

    1. It's from CRUMBS :) its a cupcake place in NY :)


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