Monday, June 11, 2012

Makeup artistry!

So as you all know... or as you all should know.... in addition to my many titles such as student, youtuber, beauty guru, babysitter, sales associate... and whatever else I am....i'm also a makeup artist.

Do I work as a makeup artist EVERY day? No. But maybe one day I will. I'm slowly making my dreams come true. And in addition to what has already come true... i want to try to get a job at MAC and a MAC pro card. 

Until then... here are some pictures from my last makeup job which was just two days ago!

These were not professional pictures. This was the photographer's sister taking pictures because she was fascinated! Haha :D

All I know is that I love all things makeup and I love putting makeup on other people. If only I could do this every day of my life and have it pay my bills, it would be like i never work a day in my life but i have fun every day. 

Dreams do come true, you just need to make them come true and believe you can!


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