Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebration cupcake!!

So I know i'm a lotta late on this post considering st. Patrick's day was months ago... but i'm sharing anyway! I don't celebrate st. patty's day... but around that holiday, I went to Sprinkles and they gave me a st. patty's day cupcake!

This was their carrot cake with an irish thingy on top as decoration!

The cupcake was really good! My favorite is still pumpkin but this one comes in pretty close after that!

The only thing I NEVER eat off of the sprinkles cupcakes is the decoration on top. I know it's edible... but it's like rock hard and doesn't taste good. Cupcake itself is yummy though!

And that was my carrot cakeful day!

Doesn't this post make you want to go get a cupcake?!

xoxo, Lina

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