Saturday, November 27, 2010

1,000 subbies CONTEST!!

As most of you already now, i have reached 1,000 subscriberss! As a thank you, you will have the chance to win:

I think this palette would be great for you guys to have BECAUSE i will be using similar colors in upcoming make-up tutorials!!

To enter:
- must be subscribed to my youtube channel
- comment on that video, asking a question you'd like to see answered in a FAQ video
- must be subscribed/ or following this blog.

The winner will be posted here on December 11, 2010. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me, via email. My email is If the winner does not contact me within 24 hours, i will choose another winner. And i'll keep choosing until someone contacts me! =)

Good luck to you all!!!

wishing you luck,


  1. Hey! I just have a quick question about your contest. Is this one of those contests that you can enter as many times as you want so you have more chances to win kind of things? Or, do you have one chance to enter with one question each? Thanks so much! This is a great idea and love your videos!

  2. It'll be a one chance kind of thing. There's only a limited amount of questions that could really be asked without it getting too ridiculous! I already saw some people commented more than once, but their comment will only be counted as one when the random winner is chosen! Future contests will be ones where you can enter as many times as you want!


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