Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some of my favorite products!!

So i bought all these products in October, so i'm going to call them October favoritees! I've used them just about every day, and they're just so amazing! Here are some of the things I reallly like :

One of my first favorites is L'Oreals Infallible lipstick in Beyonce Red -- wow I wish i knew they sold that in target before i paid $14 for it in CVS! Anyways this lipstick DOES NOT COME OFF unless you use an oil-based make-up remover. It will not come off with water! You can eat with it and drink with it, and your lips will look glamorous all day long!

Another my favorites is the Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly, it moisturizes your skin like crazyy! DO NOT wear it under your make-up, because you'll look like a greaseball. But put it on at night when you're going to sleep, and let your skin moisturize! Don't worry, this does not mean your face is going to get oily, but it will make your skin feel smoother, look healthier, and get rid of any dry skin you may have. 

Another thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is Burt's bees citrus scrub! I have no idea where you can get this product in a store, so i've provided you with a link, just like I did for all of the other products! this scrub is gentle enough to use on a daily basis and you can even use it DAY and NIGHT! it will not irritate your skin because of the beads and stuff in it, or at least it shouldn't. It also makes your skin feeling extremely smooth and soft, and I just absolutely lovee it!

Another favorite is Sephora's Opi Nail polish in the color "caffeine fix". I tried finding this color for you to buy on Sephora's website, but it turns out it's extremely hard to find. I'd suggest for you to look it up on ebay, if you really want that color!

Another amazing lipstick is Lady Gaga's pink lipstick in the color "viva glam". It looks so beautiful when it's on your lips and it's extremely pink like bubblegum. The link I posted is to buy it from Bloomingdale's, but you can purchase it at any MAC store, or any other department stores that have a MAC section inside!

Now for my last favorite product for this month, it's Model in a Bottle! Model in a bottle is an amazing make-up setting spray, making your make-up stay on your face all day long without it sliding off! It also gives your make-up a matte finish, which is great because your make-up looks fresh all day long! I'm absolutely in love with this stuff! It's even better than urban decay's all nighter make-up setting spray! Try it out, it's like magic!

SO those are my favorite six products of the month. I hope you will love them as much as I do!!
And now here's a video for you guys telling you about these products with some funny BLOOPERS and things going on in the video! Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Happy shoppinggg!


  1. you can get the burt's bees scrub at healthfood stores, like vitamin cottage, whole foods, or sprouts. idk if they have those everywhere, but we have a ton of them where i live lol.

  2. haha i've only heard of whole foods out of the three you listed and even that store is kinda far from me! thank you for letting me know though! =)

  3. they have burt's bees stuff at target and ulta, too... i just don't know if they have this specific thing :)

  4. i tried target, they had a whole burt's bees section but not what i needed!


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