Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guess who I met?

Who would of thought that i'd actually meet a famous person at work?

Well this person happened to walk into Baker's shoes. I greeted her and said "hi, welcome to bakers". The first thing I thought was "wow , for an older woman she looks AMAZING! i want to dress like that when i'm older". This woman was wearing a leopard/cheetah print fur coat (i'm pretty sure it was real), a leopard handbag and shoes, leopard headband. EVERYTHING was leopard/cheetah print that she had on, the thing is though that it DID NOT look overdone. It looked so good! So she then asked me for a pair of shoes if I can bring out her size, she has such tiny feet! She wanted a 5, or 5.5, but we didn't have it so i brought her a 6. Oh and they were leopard/cheetah print shoes that she had asked for! She ended up buying those shoes because the 6 fit her, AND she also bought another leopard/cheetah print bag! 

Little did I know that this person had their own tv show! She told me all of this while i was giving her shoes to try on. Her name?
Cognac Wellerlane

I had no idea who she was, but i googled her when i got home! And she was wearing this fur coat!
I want that fur coat so bad. 

SO i was googling her, and wow I think i'm in love with her style. And her hair is just amazing! And she like always has darker makeup on!

When I walk through the mall wearing something more glamorous, people stare at me. Now just imagine how many people were staring at her!! One day, that'll be me... haha well maybe.

I still would have never thought that I'd meet someone like that at such a random place, and especially not at work. hehe. 

Leopard/Cheetah print GLAM!
xoxo, Lina

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