Monday, March 21, 2011

No facebook for now, but look at me at work!

I'm such a hardworker... that i'm not even holding any shoe boxes in my hands (in the picture below). hehe. I'm just kidding though.. i mean i am a hardworker, but it was a slow day today because well it's a monday and because it was rainy here. Who would want to go out in the rain!? Rainy days are perfect to catch up on things and cuddle up with your stuffed animals! teeheehee =)
I would post this on my facebook, but it is currently still deactivated. Which i actually didn't post about deactivating my account. Well guys, i deactivated it for a few reasons, those of which i cannot share with you, but trust me they were very good reaosns! I'll activate it again soon enough, and i'll blog about when i re-activate it, so all you loverlies that don't follow me on twitter will still know what's going on!

But until then, you guy cans find me on my twitter account
or you can e-mail me if you have any questions

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it'll be back soon i pwomisee!

Anyways, back to me working, as you can see i the picture theres like a white card thing attached to my clothing, and it just says "Baker's" so people know i work there... though people still ask. 

Yesterday at work someone told me i was pretty... they made my night. and today someone told me that i look like i'm 27, and i'm only 19! i'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing haha. 

Anyways, i'm off to do homework!
Hope you all had a beautiful day!
xoxo Lina


  1. Haha you look soo flippin cute!
    And can you work with that big hat!
    too silly i love this look:D

  2. hehe thank you so much hun!!! someone thought i was a mannequin... and they were staring at me until they realized i was an actual person. it was a bit weird though! but thank you, i loved the hat! though it was pretttyyyy big! <3 :D


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