Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ever heard about the superstitions of a left/right itchy palm? 

Well one of them means money is coming your way and the other that money is going out. So from what i've researched, right is money coming IN (BUT don't itch it because that stops the money from coming it) and left is money going OUT (scratch away for that one!). 

Sucks for me though, because I had a left itchy palm. Though I guess that makes sense for me because i'm always spending money, it's not really anything new to me. But i don't spend ALL my money, i try to save some haha. 

I've always been one to sort of believe in superstitions. It's like magic, i think it's so cool! I mean you can't believe it completely, but to a certain extent you can always hope right? There's nothing wrong with that!

Happy scratching/non-scratching!
xoxo Lina

1 comment:

  1. never knew... pretty neat... thanks for sharing ;-)


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