Monday, March 28, 2011

Saving a pigeon... or trying to. =/

As I was walking around the city today with my sister, I saw a pigeon just laying there on the sidewalk. I stayed near it because I wanted to see if it could fly. It couldn't. I didn't know if it had a broken wing, a broken leg, i didn't know. I just knew it was hurt. I stayed with the pigeon, and called an animal shelter which they then transfered me to 34567 other animal shelters looking for the one that took care of birds. I had my sister get me a box from one of the places nearby so that I could take this pigeon to the animal shelter. I felt so bad. I just wanted to help the poor thing. I got it some garlic knots and tried feeding it, but it wouldn't eat. 
After getting this poor pigeon into the box, i was on my way to the animal shelter, which was across the city! But i didn't care, i wanted to get this pigeon some help. Many people would be like, oh there's many more pigeons who cares if this one dies. But you know what, I care! Every living creature deserves to keep living!

So on my way to the animal shelter, the poor pigeon died. I was so upset, I cried when the veterinarian told me the pigeon had died. I didn't want to kill it, I just wanted to help it. The vet told me the pigeon didn't have any external injuries but that it's injuries were internal and could have been from getting hit by a car, or it could have even been poisoned. She told me that I was such a great person for trying to save this pigeon's life. And then she said "but at least the pigeon died warm, and you gave him that". Although the pigeon died, at least he died in peace right. Dying warm is better than dying cold any day. I wish the pigeon could have had just a little bit more strength to survive my journey to the animal shelter so that it could have been saved, but he's in heaven now. And there he will be okay.

I hope that many of you would do the same as I did today instead of walking past this poor bird and not doing anything to help it. Kind hearts are what we need more of in this world.

R.I.P. Pigeon

xoxo, Lina 


  1. I would. I hate it when animals die. Even if I see a dog out to long on as hot day I call animal control. Pets do not deserve to be treated like that


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