Thursday, December 1, 2011

Black friday sales; Is it worth it?

On black friday, (or as Pandora jewelry likes to call it Fabulous Friday), I went to Target after work. It's not pronounced target in my head by the way... it's Tar-shjay.. i'm bad at sounding things out.

Anyways... let me just get to the point. 
I saw these clif bars on sale. and I LOVEEE clif bars, and the fact that they're on sale means they're not so expensive and i can actually stock up on them!
Price cut to $5!!!! I was so excited!!

Until I looked at the original price...

Really tar-shjay?!?

The thing about black friday...A lot of the time stores have bigger sales not on black friday. For example... when i bought my shoes at charlotte russe they were buy one pair of shoes at full price and get the second for $15.50.... Black friday sale? take 30% off everything in the store. If you do the math, the deal I got comes out cheaper then the black friday sale. 

Black friday rip off number 2: A lot of stores raise their prices for black friday to give you bigger sales such as 40% off everything. You think that's a huge sale right? What you didn't notice before black friday was the actual price of the thing you want to buy. They raise prices, give you bigger sales to make it look like you're getting such a great deal when you're actually paying the price you would have paid any other day when the thing was at it's original price.

Just thought you all should know the trick of black friday sales and retail. 

Don't get me wrong though, NOT all stores are like that. Majority are, but not all. You can still sometimes find a really good deal. If not you're first black friday, maybe your 2nd or 3rd and so on. 

To you black friday shoppers, hope you had an amazing fun time shopping!!!... while I was at work... and most deals ended by 10am..... and i was at work til 2pm. Well, until next year!

xoxo, Lina

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