Friday, December 30, 2011

Kids: DON'T try this at home

My friday night looks a little something like this...
AND no, i do not do this every friday night, just this friday night because it's the night before new year's, gotta be prepared to celebrate.

Sad part is that I have work at 9:30am, on january 1st... i don't know how i'm getting up yet... but let me stop typing now and show you what my friday night looked like...

We made Jello Shots for tomorrow!

Total jello shots = 168
How many of us eating those? = 6
How many am I having? like 3, because i'm the only one that has work. =/

And then we had two cups leftover and no jello or anything, we decided to make vodka gummi bears... we're testing a theory which is why there's only two cups of them. 

And there's my babyyyyy <3

What are you doing today on this lovely friday night?!

xoxo, Lina


  1. haha i totally never thought to make homemade jello shots lol

  2. i didn't even know you can buy them..... LOL


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