Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Seasonal candy!!

Holiday season is one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year! Pumpkin, snowmans, peeps, peppermint goodies, and all these yum yums are back! I wish they had this stuff all year round, but since they don't, ya gotta get it while you can!

First up is seasonal chocolate! Yes, I had a bigger bag of these with regular milk chocolate filled with caramel... but I fell in love with the pumpkin and needed to buy some more. I DO NOT like the eggnog, that one is just ew! But they don't sell pumpkin individually.... It's weird... the peppermint is really good too and they sell that individually... but not pumpkin?! GR. so i had to buy the whole pack!

Next up is.... drum roll please!
PEEPs! I love peeps, i like marshmallows, i like that they are snowmans. But i don't like that my middle top peep is missing a red dot like all the other snowmans have, and that the bototm middle's hat looks weird.

Haha but that's okay, i'm gonna eat them away, because they're delicious!

This next one I don't believe is seasonal.. but I love this flavor...
COCONUT! and M&M's. i love M&M's, i usually get the peanut ones (the yellow pack).. but i saw these, and had to have them!

Gosh, so many choices for this time of the year! I LOVE IT!

Anyone else have a sweet tooth?
xoxo, Lina

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