Friday, December 9, 2011

Hair, clips, and funny faces.

This is what happens when I babysit.. if i'm not getting a manicure or a pedicure.... then i'm getting my hair done! This lovely 7 year old hairstylist, came up with this look for me! You can't see the back,... but in the back... my hair isn't braided. It's the look she came up with....
Don't ya love my face?

After giving me a new hairstyle.... my hyperness after only sleeping 3 hours (went to bed at 3am) and worked ALL day from 6am-2pm, then target shopping and then babysitting... and here I am... I decorated her shirt with hair accessories.... haha
And she thought it'd be cute to make the same face I made when she did my hair haha. 

If you're not feeling it today, i hope this post at least made you smile. 

xoxo, Lina :D

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