Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell "lita" booties

Alright guys I need opinions, because I'm torn between these two pairs of shoes. They're extremely expensive, therefore I can't afford both, otherwise if i had the money... i'd order both without second thoughts.  

Now give me your opinions!!

Option 1: Black leather
After reading reviews, people had said that the leather seems cheap because it scuffs. However, ALL leather will scuff, i mean it's leather! So i can't rely on that really. However, black matches with everything!

For a background on what shoes I have, i do have a couple of pairs of black wedges in suede and some black leather soldier boot thins. I don't know if that matters but maybe it'll help you help me. 

Option #2: Nude suede
These shoes had really good reviews. I have wanted a pair of nude shoes. But at the same time, suede does get ruined. Any dirt, water, and your shoes are gone. 

So what do you guys think? Help me out!

xoxo, Lina


  1. I like the nude suede ones better! the other ones sort of remind me of a witches shoes.... :x

  2. Are that the nude suede or "taupe suede" i think the color of the nude ones is more light...I like most the "taupe suede" ;)


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