Saturday, April 2, 2011


Since my dad has the whole professional camera thingie with the lamp and all this stuffies that I only hope I could afford one day for my kids and give them photoshoots in the house, just cause its fun! So that's what my friend, sister, and I did last night once I got home from work... we didn't even take the pictures in the day time,... we would shine a very strong lamp on us and create different shadows and stuffies, and one of us would take the pictures, while the other posed. I did my own make-up, to match each outfit I did. For one of them, i just wanted to look evil, and be poisoned by an apple haha, and the other i was just having fun with!
 I feel like this one looks like it should be on a magazine cover. My baby kept jumping on me, so i guess he wanted to be in the shoot too! Look how photogenic he is!!

 haha i like this one because i was just having fun with the shoot, making weird faces and stuffies. i love being silly ol' me!

 I felt like i needed a prop so i took pictures with my empty piggy bank!! haha
 This outfit i was trying to look evil but seductive! :]
 and i like the makeup in the side of my face for this one. and the shadows!

had so much fun doing a home photoshoot, i'm hoping to do more in the future!!! =)

photoshoots and lots of pictures, 
xoxo Lina

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