Thursday, April 14, 2011

the TRUTH!

My sister bought me the coolest shirt ever yesterday! Well I wanted it, but didn't have much money on me so she bought it for me!! and i bought her bubble tea ;]

This shirt, speaks the truth! Well.. for the most part!

I thought it was so cute, and of course i had to make a funny face! I wore it to school today, and everyone loved it hehe, and my outfit too. they were like "wow look at you!" and my professor giggled at my shirt and said it was so cute! hehe!
wow, what a creepy picture, you can't see my arm!! well that's probably because my shirt is a Large and i had to have it because i was in love and they didn't have any other sizes left!

and i was kinda sorta like not matching today. but i was so unmatching that i matched! i had gold earring on, a brown bracelet, a black belt, a silver watch and a blue ring. haha you don't see nay of that in the picture because i'm getting ready to write a paper and wanted to get comfy so i took it all off!

oh, and i also had a cheetah print bow in my hair!

hehe i'm such a fashionista! teeheehee.

hope you all enjoy!!!

no boyfriends, no problems! (sorry men!, i didn't make the shirt!)
xoxo, Lina

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