Saturday, February 5, 2011

2,500 subbies CONTEST WINNERS!

Once again i'd like to thank everyone for supporting me throughout this journey on YouTube. It has been extremely rewarding just by knowing that i can help and inspire each and every one of you!

I'd also like to thank you all for the lovely comments! Well besides the few that were mean, but oh well! Before the website chose the winners for me, i made sure the mean comments weren't in there and the comments that didn't say what they like and/or were not from the U.S., just to be fair. 

So the FIRST winner that will receive the beautiful lipgloss is:

SECOND place winner that will receive the urban decay lip liner is:

and the THIRD place winner that will receive the j'adore ring is:

CONGRATULATIONS to the THREE of you for winning!
And for those of you that didn't, well don't worry. I'll have more future contests!

These three winners have 24 hours to e-mail me at
SO you guys have until 4:30pm on Sunday eastern time to e-mail me or I will have to choose another winner just to be fair. So i'm waiting to hear from you three!

I will need your:
- full name
- address
- username you're following me with on either twitter/blogspot/facebook.

CONGRATULATIONS once again, and THANK YOU all for entering and being so supportive.

happy faces and excited winners,
xoxo Lina

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