Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MAIL for me??

Some loverly people have been asking for my address because they want to send me a letter! I felt so special that someone would want to send ME a letter! I just got so happy that I had to go out and buy myself a PO Box. I mean I can't be giving away my home address to thousands of people because ONE out of that thousand could be a stalker or something, have to be safe!

So if anyone wants to send me a letter, well now you can!!!

This is the address:

Karolina Pecak
PO Box 403
Glen Cove, NY 11542

If you live in the USA, well then you don't need to include that part, but you can if you'd like to anyway!

I'm really excited to be getting letters in the mail! Because the only mail I ever get, are credit card balance statements just waiting to take my money hahah. 

Letters, mail...and an excited ME, 
xoxo Lina

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