Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shaping eyebrows!

DO you need to shape your eyebrows? Are they bushy and going all over the place? Well I'll show you how to shape them! (Yes, this video was up when i first started)

You can either use a razor (which i find to be easier and less painful) or tweezers. The razor you can buy at Kmart, Sephora, and i don't know , some other places too =) Razors cost anywhere from like $4-15. 
And the tweezers, i'd suggest tweezerman tweezers, they work the best! and they now make them with cool different designs! I know ricky's has these tweezers and drugstores should have them too (not all, but some do).
I wish i had those first leopard print ones, or at least the zebra, they're so cute! But i have just neon green ones, i've had them for a while now too! They cost around $20 

So to find out how to use those guys, watch the video!! :D

Happy tweezing/razoring?
xoxo Lina

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