Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cheetah/Leopard nails & toes!

Many people have asked me how i do my leopard/cheetah print nails! So now you can to! You can basically use any colors you want!

I've tried ALL of these color combinations:
  • hot neon pink as a base coat before, with black outline, and silver in the middle to fill in. 
  • yellow base, with black outline and white in the middle to fill in. 
  • green base, black outline, gold to fill in.
  • and the regular, gold base, black outline, brown to fill in. 
I wish i had pictures of the other color combinations, but unfortunately i only have pictures of those two. 

It's not that hard, and remember patience is a virtue.!

Happy polishing cute cheetah nails!
xoxo Lina

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