Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do you have a Valentine?

Personally, i think Valentine's day is a pointless holiday. I mean how important is it if we don't even get off from school? Exactly, it's not important at all. Some individual thought it'd be nice to make a holiday where people express their love for one another. But the thing is, shouldn't that person love you all of the time? Now just one day out of the year? Shouldn't that person buy you things from time to time and not a whole bunch of chocolate for Valentine's day?

And now what about the single people, is this like some cruel holiday to remind us that we are single? because that's exactly what it does. For those of you that are single and don't have a Valentine, I am going to be your Valentine. If you send me a message to my e-mail (linamariax3@aim.com) telling me you're single on Valentine's Day, i will send you a heartfelt message on February 14. That way you don't have to be alone and you'll have some beautiful message to read. =)

BUT for those that do have a Valentine, and are going out and what not, or even if you don't and want to put some makeup on like my loser self does, here is a video for you!

I'm actually kind of upset that this video is getting so many dislikes. Is it because someone doesn't have a valentine, or is it because they don't like the makeup look. In my opinion, i think the makeup is beautiful. and i absolutely love it.

Chocolate hearts and lots of hugs,
xoxo Lina


  1. i love your video! don't worry about the dislikes. Loads of people have to always complain and criticise others.. it's their hobby :)xoxo



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