Monday, August 15, 2011

Hats gallery!

Who doesn't love hats? <aybe you like winter hats in the summer, or fedoras in the winter. Maybe you like to wear them in the "right" season, or maybe you just like all kinds of hats and instead of having names, they should just be called hats.

So here's an awesome hat! I really wanted it, but I didn't get it, it's from JCpenny, and oh the guy on the right is my cousin from Poland :D

 Here is an awesome ed hardy hat, Although It says "true til death" I really liked the design and I couldn't resist not getting this hat. AND it was on sale too! It was 50% off, and then I got another 40% off of that. So I only paid around $30 for an originally $100 priced Ed Hardy hat. 

Here I am wearing my awesome new hat! And let's not forget the shirt. The very sheer shirt that I've wanted forever is from American Apparel and it's pretty darn awesome! Everyone loved it! And the cool thing is that you can dress it down, or you can dress it up!

Memories and hats, 
xoxo, Lina

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