Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Have any of you lived through a hurricane before? I have no idea what to expect, i've never seen this before. I mean, i'm from NY, we don't tend to get hit that often, but when we did in the past, it was pretty bad.

Now what i'm thinking is that it won't be that bad. I've taken all the safety precautions like filling up my car with gas (though if there's a flood, i'm not really going anywhere) and stocking up on food. As for boarding the windows... well we didn't do that. I just know I'm not sleeping in my room, because if the trees around me fall, they fall right in my room. So i've pretty much taken the safety precautions I can, also buying candles and matches... and my dad has some flashlights somewhere.

But you know what, I think the news is making it seem extremely bad. They don't want to be responsible for what happens and are telling us the worst case scenario so that everyone is prepared, because no one really knows what to expect. Although hurricane Irene was a 3 at first of how strong it was, it has died down to a 2 yesterday, and a 1 today. How bad could it possibly be?

Thing is, no matter what happens all we can do is be as prepared as possible. We can't stop mother nature. So even if it rips my roof off of my house, and my house floods, what can I do but run and get to a safety shelter? Sure starting over will be extremely hard and i'll think it's impossible, but it can be done. People have started over in New Orleans and Japan. We truly don't know what we're capable of until we're put in that situation. I'll be hoping for the best, and hoping that no severe damage is done. But i'll stay strong even if I have to start all over. 

Here's to surviving this hurricane in one piece in your own house, may there be no severe damage...
xoxo, Lina


  1. I'm from Long Island and I had the same exact feelings last night! And now that it's over I'm like oh.... that was it?... but at the same time I'm glad that I'm okay and me and my friends and family are all safe. :) other than a few fallen trees in the area, there really doesn't seem to be any damage near me.

  2. i'm glad you're all okay! yeah no fallen trees near me, some places got the floods and the trees really bad. At least I only lost power.


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