Monday, August 22, 2011

New jammies!

On my break at work today, i discovered these pretty jammies! 

And guess what?! It's ONLY $29.50 for BOTH pieces. for a pajama set like that from PINK, that is pretty cheap. Also, on top of that, you can wear the two separately and make it look like a regular t-shirt, or like any ol' leggings!

Maybe the saying on the t-shirt isn't for everyone. 
My sister said to me "only if that was true" & mommadukes said "maybe not study less, but yes party more" haha gotta love em. 

They also have different sets if you don't like the one above:
that tshirt looks like jammies though. 
this one implies basically that you just got out of bed and wana go back to sleep. 

yeah i don't like this one. 
polka dots! right hand on the black dot, left hand on the other black dot!

new jammies and lookin all cute, 
xoxo, Lina


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