Monday, May 23, 2011

Facebook cool stuffs!

I think I could say that MOST of you have a facebook account. You'll rarely find someone who doesn't have a facebook nowadays. 

I came across something awesome today! A FACEBOOK BANNER! you know at the top of your profile page where your pictures show up? well now you can have a banner that looks something like this!

I discovered this on this website here. And they have so many cool things! You can upload your own picture, you can create a banner of your name, you can choose from their already existing banners and quotes and it's such a creative idea!

The one above is the one I have on my personal facebook page. Unfortunately this doesn't work on fan pages, because that's where I originally wanted it. =/ But oh wells, maybe one day they'll have it available for fan pages too. 

Here's some more examples of what people have:

hHave fun searching for a banner for your page!

And don't forget to become a part of my family on facebook!

Banners and quotes all in one!
xoxo, Lina

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