Monday, May 2, 2011

March & April faveyss!

It's been 2 months again! So here are my march and april favorites! Let me know if any of you already have these products or if you're going to try them!

First up, a cheetah print umbrella! You can get one here, at Forever 21!

Next is an Essie clear top coat! It makes your naill polish last forever! The cheapest price i found was on Amazon, so click here!
Next, is this awesome shatter nail polish that cracks on your nails, and makes them look oh so very cool! Well I couldn't find a link for this, but I got mine at Ricky's!

For the purple glam-tastic lips, you will need:
Urban Decay's lip liner in ENVIOUS, click here
Makeup forever's lipstick number 10, click here
Benefit's lip gloss in KISS YOU, click here

Next product i loved is an eyeliner in the color SMOLDER from MAC. click here

Next i have a cocoa butter stick, but it comes in many different forms. click here

My new fave blush from MAC in the color FLEUR POWER. click here

Cupcake eating mat tray thingie! I don't know what this is exactly called, so I didn't know how to google it because I don't know the correct name of it! All I know is that my mommy bought it at either KMART or TARGET!

Desert Essence face wash! you can either get this at the vitamin shoppe, click here, or on their website, click here! definitely cheaper to get it at the vitamin shoppe though!

Hope you all enjoy these awesome products! and don't forget to watch the video!

Loverly products, 
xoxo, Lina


  1. i love the umbrella its amazing ;)

    shel xx

  2. you should totally get one! we could match!! :D


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