Monday, November 7, 2011

Apple software for my laptop...

This was my attempt at going to Apple to upgrade my software of my laptop. I still have imovie 09.... it ahs been great! BUT there are some new features on imovie 11 i'd love to use for when I edit my videos.... But for imovie 11... i need a whole new software for my laptop. It needs to running AT LEAST the snow leopard 10.6 .... and then there's lion.... which is even better then snow leopard... but for lion... i still need snow leopard first. It's great isn't it?

Here's my video on my journey to the apple store... my frustration... my attempt at filming in the car and on my iphone... and a totally weird looking but awesome car i saw on the road. Hope you enjoy!

So since that's kind of is expensive.... I know someone who may be able to download it for me or put it on my computer from their disk since they have the family pack.... Unless things go wrong... then i'll end up getting it myself. But, i'll get it one way or another.

Apple frustration,
xoxo, Lina

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