Monday, November 14, 2011

Forever 21 package!

During the online "sale" forever 21 had, i bought a couple of things. Didn't need much so i didn't buy much, but it was free shipping!

So the first thing I bought was just a plain black skirt.... because every girl needs one of those in her closet (i didn't even have one.... i've been wearing my sisters for weeks)
This is ONLY $6.50, you can still get one for that cheap... Just clicky here!
and this is what it looks like on me...

Then since I really don't have any simple black dresses to go out... i don't know.. maybe a date? HA, that was funny.. me? a date? right... Anyways I got this little dress for an occasion when I might need it.... I guess forever 21 is sold out though, because it's not on the website anymore...
and the top part (above my boob area) is that see-through material. And that dress was only $11.50 :D

Thought I'd just share with you all that mini haul!! :D

xoxo, Lina

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