Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hot Chocolate Recipes!!!

Everyone loves a good cup of hot chocolate! And what better way to stay warm on these cold days then of cup of yumminess?!

First recipe: Nutella Hot Chocolate
- you'll need a whisk for this recipe. (trust me, it works better with a whisk than a spoon)
  • milk
  • nutella
  • cinnamon
  • whipped cream

Peppermint hot chocolate
  • your choice of hot chocolate... you can even start from scratch and melt your own chocolate... i like to use Swiss Miss hot chocolate and add water.
  • milk/water , depending in how you're making the hot chocolate itself. with swiss miss i use water
  • peppermint CANDY CANES! (better stock up this holiday season if you want it to last you all year!)

Now watch the video, and find out how to make these delicious recipes! Got your ingredients and utensils? Get ready, get so, start cooking!

Good luck! And enjoy!
xoxo, Lina

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