Tuesday, November 8, 2011


SO, let's watch a new video. Made, edited, and posted by me of course!
You all seem to like haul videos, so here ya go, this one was made with you in mind! (actually all my videos are made with you guys in mind because otherwise i wouldn't be on youtube in the first place!)

Also, I posted a new video on my vlog channel yesterday if you want to go check that out too!!!
sine you're visiting my 2nd channel anyway, want to make my day and subscribe!?

Oh and an update on my life. Remember how my car was broken like 2 weeks ago, and then I got it back like last week?! Well it broke AGAIN like 3 hours ago... and it stopped in the middle of the street, and needed to be pushed into a parking lot, and had to put a note on the car, so the cops don't think i'm trying to rob a bank (since it's parked at a bank) and it needs to be towed tomorrow.

Oh what great days my car brings to me....-_-

On the bright side.... I did some shopping before my car did break down.... and I'll film a haul video tomorrow (since i have nothing better to do because I don't have any way of leaving my house without a car). I don't know when it'll be posted... but it will be posted eventually. And that's all that matters right?!

Hope you're all having a beautiful day!
xoxo, Lina


  1. love this video thanks for sharing Leena, love Mellee2008 twitter aka ShesThe1yup youtube

  2. Awuh YAY! I'm glad you like it! I'l have a fashion haul coming up soon! :D


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