Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Designer bag "splurge"?

SO a Macy's near me was having a 50% off designer bag sale! Only one of the Macy's near me, not the other one. They also never carry designer bags.... but people do return because they take all returns. So today and tomorrow was a 50% off designer bag sale, at 8AM! My mom and I being the crazy awesome people that we are who love to shop, were at Macy's around 8:20AM.

This was me in the car on the way there!
My mom was like, what are you so full of yourself that you need to take pictures all the time?! HAH. 

So around 8:20AM is when they started bringing out all the goodies!
They had these two bags, identical but one was silver one was gold... I wanted them.... but couldn't decide which one i wanted so I didn't get any...

Guess laptop case bag
I'm so glad this fits my mac laptop! It was love!!! 
Original price of this was $98... this wasn't considered a "designer" bag but it was on sale anyway for $68 and I had an extra 20%off coupon so I paid $54.88. 

 This baby right here is a Michael Kors cross body bag... I think that's what its called. I mean it doesn't fit to go across...but it goes as a long shoulder bag. I figured since I don't have a black shoulder bag thing, i needed to buy one!
Original price: $198
Sale price: $41.58
Price I paid with 20% off coupon: $33.26

And this is my big baby! I bought this 2.5 weeks ago... returned it at the sale and bought it again!
Original price: $498.00
Sale price: $261.45
Price I paid with 20% off coupon: $209.16

I don't even know if this is considered a splurge since I didn't pay full price for any of them... 
But I'm so happy... I love my Guess and Michael Kors. MY TWO FAVORITE BRANDS EVER!

Your smart shopper, 
xoxo, Lina

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