Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I wish I had room for this..

One day when I move out, I planning on having a GINORMOUS closet for my clothes, shoes, scarves, hats, and ACCESSORIES!

Maybe years from now whenever that happens, HauteLook will be having another sale for these jewelry armoires. For those of you that have room for this and can afford it... well I'm sharing this beauty with you. 
Looks like a dresser right? Wait til ya open it up!

AHHH it's so beautiful! I wonder if that would fit all my jewelry? I mean... I have A LOT of rings....

This armoire is currently on sale on HauteLook. It's on sale for $110, original price $243, it's 55% off!!! Man I wish I had a place to put it.... Here's the exact link for those of you that want to see it.

Important notice: I am not being paid by HauteLook or whatever company makes this armoire to tell you about it. I got an email telling me about some holiday gift ideas form hautelook.... and this wasn't on it.... but i ended up looking through the whole site 

Keep dreaming Lina, 
xoxo, Me

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