Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jammies, messes, and halloween tutorial!

This morning, I woke up decided that i wanted to film a makeup tutorial for one of the seven deadly sins; envy. I wasn't even thinking about doing this for halloween to make a video for. I had two other halloween looks planned and this one just popped into my head. 

Anyways... so when I film makeup tutorials, my counter looks like this:
It's usually messier than this too. I took this picture after I already started cleaning. 

Anyways, back to my day. So when I film. there's always a zillion gajillion interruptions. Be it my mother on the phone, my dog barking at people, my sister needing to use the bathroom and the list goes on. But nope, today, although it was all of those things, there's a +1. Today, I had to take my sister to work,.. but no one told me. SO i had to drive my sister to work looking like Envy.... and i usually film in jammies on the bottom... so here's that loverly picture. It was also really cold in the morning which is why I threw on a fleece sweater. 
If only you guys could see my shoes. I was so matching today! Orange cheetah print socks, with neon pink vans. -_- so matchy i know!

Then when I FINALLY got back home with people staring at my makeup... I took a picture...
And you could see my tripod on the left.

Then I finally got around to editing with another zillion interruptions. Then uploading the video to my channel. And VOILA! Enjoy the video!

Who's excited for Halloween?!
xoxo, Lina

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