Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Newspaper nails!

I have had my nails done like a newspaper in some of my previous videos, and many of you have requested a tutorial! So here it is!

I promise you, it's VERY SIMPLE! No nail art tools needed, because obviously we're not professionals here. It's as simple as can be.

FUN FACT: I was totally wearing my pajamas while filming this video.
Wanna know which ones? Yep those right below. Wanna buy them? Clicky here!

Also, I decided to post this highly requested nail tutorial instead of a Halloween look just because I realize that not everyone celebrates Halloween. This video at least all of you can enjoy rather then just the people that celebrate a holiday. I will be posting more Halloween looks soon though, just thought it'd be nice not to post 345678 Halloween looks all throughout october and nothing else. Hope you understand, and will be as considerate as I of others!

Products used:
- Sally Hansen insta-dri nail polish in Whirlwind white #120
- free newspaper (AM NY) - i cut out the horoscopes, doesn't hurt to have words of wisdom on your nails! or some inspiration...
- 91% alcohol, purchased from CVS
- glass cup
- Essie clear top coat

Good luck,
xoox, Lina

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