Monday, October 10, 2011

Stigma associated with BANANAS, I mean....

Alright, so, who here has a piercing say I! I say "I"! 
Do you have a belly piercing, your ears pierced, nose, lip, tongue, down there?
Whatever it is, YAY you have a piercing. 

Back in the day, or even in some cultures now, people pierce their noses like woah, it's a form of their culture and their traditions, with bars going across the top of their nose. We may think it's gross, but for them it's part of their way of life.

Ear piercings - in the USA, or even Europe, MOST girls have their ears pierced. It's just something that isn't even given a second thought anymore. It's like hey I have a baby girl, we need to get her ears pierced. Even guys get ear piercings. Not when they're little, but as they get older they do, with their own will, not their parents. And I personally think that ear piercings on men are sooooo dayum sexy!

Belly piercings - make you look sexy.

And tongue rings - people think you eat a lot of bananas. For those of you old enough.... you know what I mean by that.

I don't know why certain piercings are associated with doing the dirty. Just because someone has some sort of piercing doesn't mean they do any of the things associated with it. People just like to assume. Anyways, so I made this video, for you all, addressing a topic. Since so many people seem to have issues with my doing me.

You shouldn't care what other people think because chances are, their thoughts aren't even their own. They're just following what someone else thinks. And the chain goes on.

xoxo, Lina


  1. So... I'm not gonna lie.
    I did (in the past) associate having a belly piercing with being "tacky" (I put tacky in quotations because everyone has their own meaning of the word). But then I started meeting some not-so-tacky ladies with belly piercings. So I started doing research and found your videos. And lo' and behold, now I want one. :^D I am now humbly eating my words.

  2. that's why it's always better to get to know someone first before judging them. just like a book, read it first before judging it and same with movies. and pretty much everything in life because a lot of the time we can judge people but we don't know anything about them, we don't know what their life is like or why they did so and so. just because people do certain things doesn't mean they're crazy or slutty or whatever it may be!

    i'm glad you no longer think belly piercings are "tacky" :D


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