Sunday, October 2, 2011

I like....

to take pictures in the bathroom while waiting for class to start.
I was glad that the toilets at school were just cleaned. As you could tell behind me in the mirror, the toilet seats were up. I don't ever sit on the toilet at school or any public place anyway, but it's just nice to know they're clean and there is no pee all over the place, ew!

While in class... I like to take pictures of things that catch my eye. So in front of me was a guy, and underneath his desk was his backpack thing.

Even in college, you could wear whatever you like. and no one really cares. You could wear jammies to school or dress down with sweats and a tshirt. Or you could doll up, be fashion forward and wear makeup. It's personal preference. Me? Well, I ALWAYS wear makeup, but sometimes if I feel like it, I will wear sweatpants.

Today, wear whatever you want, do whatever you want to do as if no one is watching. Dance, sing, jump around looking crazy, whatever, who cares!! Just have fun :D

Happy Sunday!!
xoxo, Lina

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