Friday, September 30, 2011

MOTD (Makeup of the day)

Wow, i'm getting really good at making up new things now. First instead of OOTD, I made up OOTS (outfits of the season). Now instead of "hey look at my makeup", I made up MOTD (makeup of the day)! YAY!

So anyways, this was me driving to work. I'm in LOVE with this makeup look.
Next time I should probably close my eyes and take a picture of that too. 

Oh and I was stuck in traffic which is why I was able to take a piccay. 

Anyways, so at work one of my co-workers was like "how do you get your lipstick to look so perfect?" and I was like "instead of using the lipstick from the tube, I use a lip brush!". 

Then, my other co-worker was like "wow I love your new hair color, and your makeup it's just so beautiful. it's like you could be one of the Charlie's Angels!" and I was like "aww thanks!"

haha so many people have been liking this makeup look a lot including me. And I think I might even do a tutorial on it! 

Bright oranges :D

xoxo, Lina

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