Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happiness Kit

Feeling down? Feeling like nothing is going right in your life? Feeling depressed, sad, lonely? Are you broke? Miserable?

Well I found this "Happiness Kit" and to brighten up your day just a little bit, put all of these things that i'm about to tell you in a plastic bag or anything like that, and carry it around with you. It'll bring some joy and some hope into your day.

1x Eraser = To make all those little mistakes go away.1x Penny = So you'll never be broke.
1x Marble = For those days when you're sure you have lost yours.
1x Elastic Band = To help you stretch beyond your current limits.
1x Piece of String = To hold it all together when things seem to be falling apart.
Finally....1x Sweet Treat = To remind you that some one cares for you

This was one of the most inspirational things i've ever seen. It gives you so much hope that things can and will work out. Sure life may be kicking you in the butt now, but soon life will give you open doors in which you'll choose your own path. 

A little bit of hope is all we need to get us through the day. Because with hope we'll also bring smiles and happiness. And that's really all we need to live a fulfilling life.

Hope you're having a happy-licious day!
xoxo, LINA 

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