Monday, September 26, 2011

Gossip Girl

I'm super super excited Gossip Girl is finally back on again! I always look forward to watching this show, it's definitely one of my favorites! And one day, I will be as well off as they are where i'll be able to live in Manhattan, and not just near the city. 

Anyways, who watched Gossip Girl today?!

It was such an amazing episode! But there's a few things I need to mention and get off my chest, so what better way to do it, then type up a blog to my gossip girl fans here?

  1. Well first, My baby (Chuck Bass or Ed Westwick) is hurt, and I really want to fly over to him and heal him. Because that looks like it hurts, and he's being so brave!
  2. Second, my baby, is soooo sexy when he's so positive and fearless! <3
  3. I can't believe Dan loves Blair
  4. This is the main WHAT?! Blair is PREGGERS! Now i'm just wondering with who's baby? Is it her spring fling, Dan's, baby? Or her fiancees? Knowing this show though, it's probably going to be Dan's and ohh man, this is just going to get better.
Let me know what you guys thought about this episode!
I might post about this every week, by the way.
Looking forward to reading what you guys think... that's if anyone actually replies.

I love Gossip Girl.

xoxo, Lina

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