Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A birthday to remember (lots of pictures)

The day before my birthday
My family and I all went to Benihana. It's the Japanese food restaurant where they cook in front of you. And because of how smart my family and I are... we forgot a camera... BUT Benihana took a picture for us, printed one out there, and gave it to me... so this is all i have from that.
And my sister took a picture of our drinks with her phone. My camera on my phone is like horrible.
 And here everyone was singing "happy birthday" to me. And i was waiting to blow my candle out. And of course, make a wish!!
We went the day before my birthday because I had a coupon $30 off but it was only good mon-thurs and my birthday was on a friday.

On the day of my birthday (August 26)
My sister bought be birthday balloons :D Thank you Paulina!
 I needed to show this picture, my little baby boy was licking the empty bag of doritos. he LOVES cheese
 Making another wish today :D
 My best friend, Kaylee (left), me (middle), my sister, Paulina (right)
 This is the loverly birthday Kaylee baked for me, Thank you so much Kaylee!!
 birthday girl cutting the birthday cake
 SURPRISE! it's rainbow!!!

Definitley a birthday to remember, everything from dinner with my family, to the beautiful birthday cake my best friend baked for me!

I hope each and every one of your birthday is also filled with happiness and rainbow goodies!
xoxo, Karolina


  1. OMG the birthday cake is fun!!! :D love it!! Happy Birthday dear!! (I'm late sorry :P)

  2. haha that's okay, thank you sooo muchhh!!!!!


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