Friday, June 3, 2011

Car lashes!

My car already has a hot pink carstache....
 and now I think it needs some hot pink car lashes to go with it! I just discovered this like literally a few minutes ago, it was an ad that showed up on the side of my facebook page, and it's such a cute idea that I thought I'd share it with you all!

This is their facebook page here
and here is the actual website where you can purchase your lashes!

here are some pictures of what they look like, you gotta admit, they look so adorable!

they have hot pink ones too, that are not shown because they only had a picture of those in a box, not on the car, but the hot pink ones would look so amazing with my car!

The car lashes themselces are $29.99 and the crystal eyeliner is $19.99.
Then they also sell separate crystal accents for $9.99 that you can put on your wheel rims, your license plate, or just all over your car!

I am so in love with this creative idea. I want my car to look all dolled up too!!!

Car lash shopping, 
xoxo, LINAmaria

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