Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My adventure!

So I had an adventure yesterday. I drove to my friend's house to drop off some things that her friend (my exbf) forgot at my house and he's going to be at her house this weekend. So it was like a roadtrip. I drove half an hour or so in one direction, thinking i got lost, so I had to pull over, and my sister had to put on her GPS on her phone. Turned out i was still going in the right direction. We eventually got there and I was like "wait let me give you the things".... and so I look in my car. I'm searching and looking everywhere... and I forgot it all. I left it downstairs at my house. So i figured I'd go all the way back to my house and then back to my friend's.

So on the way back my sister's GPS took me on the expressway. And i've never been on the expressway before.. because people tend to drive like maniacs. So I freaked out for a little bit and then i had to get on the expressway because there was no turning back now. And I did it! I took the expressway and then the parkway and it was fun! AND i was super duper proud of myself. 

It took my mom like 10 years before she felt comfortable going on the expressway. It only took me like a year. YAY!

So then when I got back to town, I got gas, sweet tea with 3 lemons from McDonalds, and then went to my house to get the things then I was on my way back to my friend's house. My sister wanted to stop by Utopia to get haird dye and we also stopped by the mall and i bought flip flops and a shirt from forever 21, and then we were at my friend's house. 

So we spent some time there and then off we drove back to my house. This time on the way back, we took the expressway again... but this time I had a red light so I noticed this sign.
bahahhaha NO TURN ON FRED! i don't know why but the smallest things like that make me laugh so much! So i wanted to share that with you all. 

Then when I got home my dad was watching the news, and guess who was the star of the news?!
This little guy:
and now this was LIVE
Okay... maybe he's not that little, but it's a bear in New Jersey just sitting up there in a tree on a branch. It's the cutest thing in the world. That bear is just chilling and hanging out in that tree, when they noticed him up there they said he's been up there for 10 hours since. There were so many people in this one person's backyard just looking at the bear and they said that he woke up, looked around, and went back to sleep. AWWW, just reminds me of my baby puppy. 

So today, look around and find happiness in the smallest things because i'm sure there are plenty of things that can and will make you smile!

Street signs and bears, 
RAWR, Lina

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