Monday, June 27, 2011

We all like to have fun!

Everyone's ideea of fun is different and ranges from person to person. Your idea of fun may be to go party. My idea of fun is to hang out with my friends and take silly pictures. 
This one was taken at the mall in a store called "gadgets & gizmos". Some business guy came in after and complimented me on my hat hehe. I didn't even buy it, just wore it around the store.

This was taken at Saint Mark's in the city. I was just really hungry haha. 

Here we were at my friend's dorm and being silly. 

Same thing here, we decided to put fake mustaches on hehe. 

Here, my shirt made me look like i have a belly haha, It's just that i was wearing 3 white shirts. Why? let's not ask. But that's my sister and I, wanting all of that candy because it's on sale. 

Here at my friend's dorm in a cardboard house her and some others made. I loved that house, it's totally my future right there.

Anyway so taking silly pictures is my idea of fun. And right now I really wish I was doing that instead of studying for my exam on thursday. 

I hope you all are doing something fun. After all, it's summer! Time to enjoy it! Today, go do some fun things. Doesn't matter what, but whatever is fun to you, go do it!

Cardboard houses and fake mustaches, 
xoxo, Lina

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