Monday, June 20, 2011

My very first fan letter!

I was super excited to see that I got a letter from one of you guys when I went to check my mail at the post office. I was like "AHHH", i should of taken a picture of how happy I was. My sister was with me, I have a witness. haha

Anyways I was so honored and touched by all the wonderful things this person wrote. I don't want to point out any names or anything, but you know who you are, and you've made me so happpy! Thank you so much!

The lettter... was in an envelope, durr. and I was like "AHHH MAJOR FAN MAIL!"

So since I was just super excited to receive my very first letter from my #1 fan, I had to make the letter a special box to keep it in. So i sat my butt on my floor and created a box. Yes, It would have been much easier to use a shoe box, but i didn't have one, and it's more special to me that I made it.

And then since my very first letter also said "please write back" with a smiley face, i had to write back!
So then my daddy made me some sticker things to put on the letter in the upper left corner with my name and address and such. Isn't it pwetty?

So now you all see how happy such a little thing can make a person. That letter made like my whole 2 weeks. I was excited and so happpy for days and that person just has such a beautiful heart and said so many wonderful things. <3 Thank you so much again!

Now for anyone who wants to send me a lettter, that I will appreciate and cherish with all my heart, you can! Address is:
Karolina Pecak
P.O. box 403
Glen Cove, NY 11542, USA
And who knows, maybe you'll even get a letter back in the mail! 

A very happy me, 
xoxo, smiley Lina

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