Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love who you are!

As my newest shirt says that I bought from Wet Seal:

I just thought it was so cute, and so me! I love me all the time, i love who I am, and when people tell me to change I tell them I won't because I like the way I am. 

I've had many people in my life tell me I need to be less stubborn, that I need to study and go on to be a lawyer or a doctor. I've had people tell me I'm ugly, people tell i'm crazy and immature. Anything you can think of has most likely been said to me at one point in my life. More recently I had someone tell me to take my headband off because I look "stupid" in it and that they won't go out with me in public if I don't take it off. And you know what, I said "NO!" and I walked out and I showed the world my awesome headband. 

I told all of those people, "great, that's your opinion but I like the way I am and i'm not going to change". 

Today, you stand up to the world and to anyone giving you a hard time whether it's about the way you look, maybe you have a zit on your face, maybe they don't like your outfit, accessories, or your nails, maybe they think you're ugly or maybe they think you're immature. You stand up to them and tell them that you don't care about their opinion because you love who you are and you're happy. 

Today, and every day, stand up for yourself!
xoxo, Lina

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