Thursday, June 2, 2011

Get a necklace like mine!

Many of you have asked where I got my necklace from as shown below that i've worn in some videos:
this is from my CURLS with a flat iron tutorial. My sister is wearing a "hello" necklace, and I am wearing a "believe" necklace.
here in my DIY lip scrub tutorial, i'm also wearing the "believe" necklace!

Well, you can now get necklaces like mine here!
You can get one's like these:

AND you can also get personalized ones, even with your name if you'd like! The above are just examples of what you can get, and an idea of what the necklace will look like!

So clicky here, and you'll be one step closer to getting your own necklace, just like mine!
YAY! let's be necklace twin buddies!



  1. I have a necklace just like those that says my name! everyone always compliments me on it and asks where I got it! :) I actually got mine at my friend's sweet 16 because there was a man at the party who was making personalized ones for everyone during the party!

  2. wow that's actually pretty awesome that you got it at a party! they're so great arent they?! :D


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