Sunday, June 12, 2011

Storing nail polish!

I used to store my nail polish in a box in my drawer, but i don't know, i decided I don't like it anymore. So I was browsing the internet and thought I'd make a nail polish rack! I went to Michael's (the arts & craft store) yesterday, racing the clock trying to get there before they close. So I had half an hour to pick out the things I needed. Let me just tell you that I can spend HOURS in an arts and craft store. It's so much fun!

So I bought a few things, got home around 10pm-ish and stayed up til about 1:30am. Do you know what I was making?! A nail polish rack!
Many frustrations and 3 hours later, I FINALLY came to this!

Then this morning, I told my dad to drill it to my wall, and TA - DA!

I am so proud of myself, that it didn't end up looking like complete and total crap hahah. 

How do you guys store your nail polish?! Comment below, I'd love to know!

lots of nail polish and zebra print, 
xoxo, Lina


  1. This looks great!! I might have to steal the idea from you..:p lol.. Thanks for sharing sweetie..

  2. this girl has a video on how to do it! So if you take a look at hers, you'll know what kind of pieces you need, but don't follow her measurements because they don't exactly work out!

  3. I keep all of my nail polish in a giant uggs shoe box under my desk. I have alot of nail polish and it's in easy to get to spot so I think it's a pretty good spot to keep it all :)

  4. shoe boxes are good ideas! I know someone else that puts their nail polish in a shoe box too! heehe


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