Friday, June 17, 2011

How much rain?!

Of courseyy... I had to drive in this weather. But before I did I took a picture of what the weather was like outside while I was filiming my video, so i'm hoping my video turned out okay even with all the thunder and massive amounts of rain. 
Yes, I live on a hill. So luckily my car wasn't down there in that ginormous puddle of rain. It's so high and there's so much of it that it covered the whole side walk and is on the person's lawn!

And then I had to drive in this loverly weather and I was in the same town for 45 minutes which normally takes me like 7 minutes to drive through the whole town. So i took pictures because I was soo bored!
Yep, more puddles of rain where you can't see the sidewalk. 

All of that is so unsafe because if your car gets too wet underneath, well you're done. And your car will be stuck there for a while. I remember a few years ago someone got stuck in the puddle of rain at the botton of the street and when the lady got out of her car the water was up to her knees! And she was in a little car so imagine how much water also had to go in. Oh goshy, i'm glad that didn't happen to me. I think I would have stayed in my car until all the water dried up a few days later ahha or at least until a giant truck came and pulled me out.

I hope the weather was a lot better wherever you all are!

Ugly thunderstorms and way too much rain, 
xoxo, Lina


  1. I had the same weather! It came out of nowhere and ruined my bonfire plans! :( but then I ended up going to Dave and Buster's instead so it all worked out in the end I guess.

  2. ahh i haven't been to dave and buster's in almost 3 years! man i want to play dance dance revolution (my brother sold our game =/)!!! hope you had fun though, sure sounds like it!


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